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add alertness level to information that can be entered via the record tab

Added by Tony Ciavarella about 9 years ago.

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On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 5:08 AM, Rachael Magowan at Rowan C. <...> wrote:


Two things:

#1 Your app is brilliant. I've been using it now for five days and found the stats it has gathered absolutely invalauable to me (as a chronic insomniac). I find the graph feature especially useful. Being dyslexic, big chunks of stats can take a while for me to comprehend, so having everything presented in a simple visual format is great.

#2 You asked for ideas about features. What would be useful for me, and maybe others too, is the option of being able to record your level of alertness the following day. App users could add this in as a edit to the sleep record from the previous night's sleep. It would be interesting to see if daytime grogginess corresponded to low levels of sleep, or to sleep aid usage. Sometimes I am suprisingly alert even on little sleep, but sluggish after a long drug-induced sleep, so it might be useful for people to identify what sleep aids (if any) produce the best level of alertness.

Thanks for creating such a great program. By the way, your text within it is very entertaining and makes me smile. Your words echo my own frustration at how so many people are out and out morons, or at least so lazy I'm surprised they can even be arsed getting out of bed in the morning.

Best wishes,

Rachael, Manchester, UK.

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