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need a better way to allow user control over sleep period type from widget

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It might be better to solve this with time windows where user can specify something like "everything between x and y is a nap" in the widget configuration.

On Wed, Sep 14, 2011 at 3:43 PM, Zak <...> wrote:

Yeah I think I just want to enter my info at a different time than the way you're saying to. Basically what my whole argument has been based on so far is that I'm lazy and want to do as little work as necessary, and this is especially true regarding sleep because I'm always tired when I go to bed and wake up, so I want to try to minimize the effort in everything related to sleeping. I'm a college student with a messed up sleeping schedule, so it isn't easy for me to plan out sleeping like someone with a regular job would be able to do; my sleeping is sporadic and the times I sleep depend on the day and my mood.

So what I was hoping for when I found your app was pretty much a widget that I could press to mark when I go to sleep, and then when I wake up I press it again to stop it and record that as a log. Currently your widget does this, however it's not perfect for me(but I'm just one guy so I can understand not wanting to make any changes for one person). Obviously I want to be able to pick whether each sleep is a night sleep or a nap, and after actually taking a nap and trying it out I realize it's easy to do if you have the record screen pop up when you wake up, but I find that whole screen popping up to be cumbersome, especially because I'll be seeing it in the morning.

There are two things I don't like about how it is right now though. The first one is that if I want to mark each sleep as either a night or a nap by having the record screen popup, that requires me to hit the widget to start sleeping (one click), hit it again to wake up (2 clicks), hit either the night or nap option (3 clicks), and then hit save (4 clicks). So that's 4 clicks total(I'll get back to this in a second). The second problem is that I'm usually more dead in the morning after I wake up than I am at night before I go to bed. I can see this leading to me just ignoring selecting either night or nap when I click the widget to wake up.

I think a way to fix it would be what I mentioned earlier about it asking if it is a night or nap when you first hit the widget to go to sleep. You would touch the widget, a pop up window would appear with two options, night and nap, and you'd touch either one and upon touching it, then window would close and the widget would begin sleeping. Then when you wake up, you hit the widget again to wake up and that's it. (This would only be for the option where the record window doesn't show up after you wake up, you probably wouldn't need this at all when the widget is set to show that window after you wake up). So this would require you to touch the widget to go to sleep (1 click), select night or nap (2 clicks), and then touch the widget again to wake up (3 clicks). So that requires three clicks for the whole process as opposed to 4 like it is now, and it would also allow me to select whether or not I'm going to bed or just napping before I sleep.

That is just how I think it would work best for me. I wasn't really considering how other users would feel about it, so I'm not sure if you would want to actually add this as I can see others not liking it. My reasons behind me wanting this though, are I'm lazy, so yes a difference of one click is a big deal to me. Also, I like it when apps try to stay as far out of my way as possible. I like them to show up when they need to and get out of there as fast as they can. I find that one little pop up window would be less intrusive than the whole record window.

Hopefully this sufficiently explains what I'm trying to say and would like out of your app. I'm dumb too and I'm not good at making UI design decisions on anything, so my idea might suck; it is just what I think would work best for me. It would probably need a little more polishing to please everyone, as what I suggested was only for me. Also, I got like 5 hours of sleep total last night(which is why I want to use your app, so I can help manage my sleep and start getting more) and I'm kinda dead because of it right now so I may sound like a moron sometimes. If you'd like more of an explanation about anything, just let me know.



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It might work now. Needs testing before this can be closed.


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Seems to work nicely.

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