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add option to ... menu for 0 length periods

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On Sat, Nov 19, 2011 at 4:49 PM, John M. <...> wrote:

Hi Tony,

Just a quick note, in case you still had an incomplete bug case in regards to the loss of the ‘time trying to get to sleep’:

I haven’t been able to ‘break’ your program since I last advised you, so it would seem that your update has fixed whatever it was that I managed to do.

There have been a couple of instances where I’ve tried to get to sleep and couldn’t, so had to work out how to capture that information. What I settled on is setting the ‘bedtime’ as the time I first attempted sleep, then the ‘sleep’ time and ‘awake’ time as the same time (the time I gave up trying) and the ‘sleep quality’ as 0, so the sleep shows as 00:00 in the history tab. This does show up on the graphs as a blue bar without any green, so is useful from a clinical standpoint. I was wondering though, if you can foresee any problems this type of entry may cause your calculations in the background?

I am guessing that this (tracking insomnia like events - where you don’t actually sleep, though try to) is one of the reasons that people may want to use your program. Is there any way you can make this type of event easier to input? I thought (if the method I have used causes no problems to the calculations) that you might add it to the ‘choose the nearest times’ option list? Just a thought.

Kind regards,


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