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Date: Dec 12, 2011 4:11 PM
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The first thing is the description of “troubling” dreams. That’s probably the type of dream I have most often. --I’d know for sure if I could track them by that name (note foreshadowing hint right there). These dreams are not nightmares, but they’re the next step away from nightmares, or just shy of revelatory, or both. They are dreams that sometimes provide clear answers to problems, or reveal under-acknowledged feelings, or force recognition of inferences that I didn’t realize were simmering. They reveal things I haven’t faced directly or attentively enough while awake, so I value them as messages from the old brain, which is forever trying to tell me things like, “Hey, stupid, pay attention. You’re in love with that wonderful Japanese doctor, and you need to learn some HTML.” It’s a kind of simmering tension that accounts for the troubled feeling of the dreams, and if a solution or realization is provided and the tension thus relieved by a dream, it becomes –what’s a good word?—cathartic, maybe; there’s a relief and a revelation which changes my conscious life by resolving or highlighting some disharmony that’s been lodged in my little brain somewhere. In fact, the feeling during the dream is very much akin to having something stuck in a tooth, as though the dream is my brain poking around at it, which can sometimes dislodge it. Am I beating a dead horse here yet, or should I mix in a few more metaphors? The primary point I’d like to make is that the tone or tenor of most such useful dreams I have is very definitely “troubling.” That’s always the word that is stuck in my mind as I groggily poke Sleepmeter’s Dreams button after one. I flounder around sleepily, trying to decide whether or not to poke “Nightmare” (too strong) or “Strange” (perhaps true, but not primary), or what. I can’t recall ever having had a dream that I’d call creepy (excepting nightmares), and I’ve had these troubling dreams so reliably for so long that I don’t want to call them “strange” either--they’re actually quite familiar. As you see, I could go (even further) on and on about this. Please consider adding a “Troubling” dream category, or allowing customization that Dream Type field. Thank you.


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