Feature #35

add preference to ignore the date of the initial entry when computing balance statistics

Added by Tony Ciavarella about 9 years ago. Updated about 9 years ago.

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Seems that the balance thing can get a little confused by an initial sleep period that is prior to midnight. It thinks one should have slept the target number of hours on that date. That might not work out if a person goes to sleep at 10pm. In that case, it will only have 2 hours on the initial date that results in an unnecessary and invalid deficit.

Either make a new preference to disable balance for the initial date or detect this case somehow and ignore it. Auto detection might be tricky because it needs to be careful to not toss cases where the deficit is valid and there may be no sane way to determine that aside from determining whether or not the entry in question is the oldest one in the database.


Updated by Tony Ciavarella about 9 years ago

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