Bug #175

Updated by Tony Ciavarella almost 8 years ago

The balance calculation should consider days without any logged sleep periods that are within range and not beyond the oldest record.

This will make balance correctly show a large negative balance for days when a person doesn't sleep.

On Fri, Dec 9, 2011 at 12:01 PM, Tyler D. <...> wrote:

Thanks for writing an awesome app!

I think I may have found a bug (or "feature"...not sure which) and I wanted to let you know.

Statistics doesn't properly calculate Sleep Balance (and maybe other things?) if there's no sleep period recorded because one didn't sleep. I was up all night studying for a final the other night and Sleepmeter showed my last 3 days balance was only slightly negative, where I'd expect it to be over 8 hrs "in the red."

The workaround seems to be simple -- record a zero-duration sleep period and Sleepmeter calculates things properly. (I guess it might be a "feature" if you don't record sleep with Sleepmeter consistently...)

Anyway, thanks again for such an awesome app!