Feature #168

Updated by Tony Ciavarella almost 8 years ago

The credit/debt calculation sucks right now. It confusingly recalibrates when crossing midnight.

It would be much better if the computational period was relative to the current time, time. This makes some minutes of wake worth 1 minute of debit and some worth 3, but that is not a sensible base for seems less confusing than the calculation because that produces a sliding window that will remain at the same credit/debt value when both ends are in wake periods.

To produce a more useful credit/debit score,
current behavior. It seems like it seems logical might be good to take display the beginning of a night sleep as the base. In this way, credit/debit can be computed for # nights and because isn't based on an arbitrary period of a day, it won't recalibrate at projected time to reach debt to help alleviate some arbitrary time. confusion.